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Scatter Symbols – additional satisfaction for gamblers

Scatter equals an entertainment coin slot

Scatter slots are ones of those options, which are paid attention by gamblers, first of all. And it’s natural as such possibilities allow players having accessorial opportunities to have more coins in a pocket. It usually goes together with free spins or other promotional points. But, of course, not all video games give a chance to turn to account all available functions. Thus, it’s “an obligatory moment” to check all official reviews to know for sure that Scatter with a bigger payout, without distinction of a number of reels or a bet size is available.

What is Scatter Symbol and why it’s so attractive

Scatter Symbol is an option that launches this or that bonus in video slot. It can be free spins, special game with great wins or something else. It’s very popular among gamblers. That’s why practically all software providers try to have this symbol in own video games. The images with special functions can usually appear on all reels, but there are some slots, where, according to the rules, only some of the reels are used for Scatter Symbols.

The main options, which are launched by Scatter Symbols are:

  • Combinations out of Scatter Symbols.
  • Free Spins.
  • Special functions.

The most popular variant with such images is combinations, created out of Scatter Symbols, placed in different parts of the screen. The minimal number of such pictures that enough to get a combination is 3 (some slots accept 2 of them, but it’s very occasionally). In this case, the pay-out is the same, as it’s in a standard variant.

Another option that is launched with the help of Scatter Symbols is free spins. This type of bonus is available in many video games. In the simplest slots free spins are accessible, if 3 images are displayed on the screen, but sometimes there are harder requirements, when it’s necessary to have 5 of them in a row. In any case, the free spins function is very popular and is used in plenty of games.

The most interesting opportunity that Scatter Symbol gives is bonus games, which are launched by 3 or 5 (usually) images, appeared on the screen. These special chances to win extra money can be represented as a simple game with necessity to find the correct box, door, or something else. Another variant is a bonus game with a plot, where it’s necessary to fulfill some tasks, which give extra coins to the pocket.

How to find a slot with Scatter

Practically all providers today try to be the best ones that is why all attractive options are included into the slots. And Scatter Symbols are not the exclusion from the rules. It’s just enough to visit websites with official reviews about this or that video game to check whether it has such function as Scatter. All reliable and well-known sources always give such an information to attract new guests.

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