No Deposit Bonus – a present from the best slots

No Deposit Bonus: main features and types

If to describe No Deposit Bonus in two words, it’s a gift from online casinos, and even if there are some wagering requirements, there is no need to spend personal money. It is usually given to those players, who have just registered on this or that gambling source. This power-up can be treated as a stimulating aspect to make person stop his choice on this specific online casino.

What No Deposit Bonus can be met in online casinos

Of course, online casinos will never work to personal disadvantage by giving money to gamblers. But all gifts, given to players, lead the only one goal – to make a gambler use the source in the future. And the main No Deposit Casino Bonuses can be represented in the following list.

  • Coins, put on to the account of the gambler. It’s very popular, as it gives a chance to try own luck and skills without any charges. Besides, the win can be converted into real money, in spite of all difficulties to do it.
  • Free Spins is also a very popular No Deposit Bonus that can be met in many online gambling sources.
  • Cash back. This type of bonus is a rare one, but still is used by online casinos.
  • Prizes and special gifts are usually provided by big and popular sources.
  • Reloads and Deposit Bonuses.
  • Some other types of gifts.

These are just the main types of Bonuses, and as the industry go further in its development, new variants appear from day to day.

Free Spins, as the most popular No Deposit Bonus

Free Spins as a Welcome Bonus with no charges from the gamblers’ side are very popular. They often go together with coins to be put on the account, but still separately they also go. Besides, different web sites or official gambling sources give special codes, which can be used to launch free spins for free.

Cash Back and its features

This bonus is used quite on rare occasions, but still it has a right for existence. It is usually available on big and very popular gambling sources. The main idea is to support those players, who spend much money, and who are lack of luck to get wins. So, when a gambler loses much money, some casinos transfer some coins on the player’s account for not to be very upset and to keep this person on this specific website.

Prizes and special gifts

This type of No Deposit Bonus is, probably, the most pleasant one. It is usually given to gamblers for birthday or other holidays. It can be represented by coins, free spins or special gifts.

Reload Bonuses

This bonus can be given to those players, who have already made a money transfer to the personal account. And the type of this bonus can be absolutely different. It can be Free Spins, coins etc.

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