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Multiplier – a special gift for online gamblers

What is Multiplier and why it’s very attractive for players

Multiplier is a very popular option in video slots without reference to a size of a bet. This “gift” usually goes together with some other game’s opportunities.

  • Wild Symbol.
  • Free spins.
  • Scatter Symbol.
  • Progressive.
  • Separate reel.

It’s just general information, and the detailed description will be given below.

Main types and principles of Multiplier’s functioning

As gambling industry is in a constant process of developing, all special functions are also to be well advanced if providers wish to stay on top. The same thing is about bonuses and promotions. As it was mentioned before, different multipliers are used in modern video slots, but to have better imagination it will be useful to learn more about every option.

Multiplier and Wild Symbols. This type is most commonly used in the games. When a winning combination includes Wild Symbols, the total win can be multiplied by 2. Sometimes, if there are more than 1 Wild Symbol, the prize would be probably increased 4, 8 or even more times. Another variant is when multipliers are used for its Origin function and by jokers as well. There are also video slots, which have a separate reel that is launched when Wild Symbols are on the screen.

Free Spins and multipliers. It’s another popular variant to win more coins. When a gambler gets a chance to use free spins, many providers add multipliers as an additional gift. Many slots have a fixed coefficient, but others use special rules for such indexes.

So, Novomatic and Microgaming use the following order: when Wild Symbols appear on the 3rd reel, the win is increased by 3 times, and if the same is with the 5th reel, the bonus will be 5 times higher. One more possible option is when before getting free spins, it’s necessary to play special round that will set up the size of index number.

Scatter Symbols with multipliers. This option is very similar to the Wild Symbols functioning. When 3 or more such images appear on the display, and Free Spins are launched, the winnings can also be multiplied, depending on the specific slot’s rules. It can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and even more times increasing.

Progressive Multiplier. There’s quite a specific option that is used rarely but still exists. StakeLogic, Net Entertainment and some other providers put into practice the opportunity to multiply the winning indexes depending on the quantity of winning combinations, which go one after another.

Slot Robin Hood: Shifting Riches can be taken as an example to describe the essence of this bonus. The first lucky spin brings the win mentioned in the table. If the following rotation will also be successful, there will be additional 2 times Multiplier. 3 fortunate turns = X3; 4 winning spins = X5, but it’s the limit in this very slot.

Another game that can be considered as a vivid example is Dragons Mystery. If payouts are given in 2 or more sequential spins, every next (after the 2nd one) turn is paid with indexes from X2 to X16. Thus, the longer winning steps bring bigger quantity of coins.

Separate reel for multipliers. This option is better to be learned in the slot Secret Elixir by Novomatic. The last reel doesn’t have standard images or symbols. It’s used for indexes X2, X3 and X5. The winning line has its rate that is meant to be used.

The chances to get a special gift

Nobody can tell for sure how many there are chances to get multipliers playing this or that slot. More of this, not all online games have such an opportunity. If it’s a critical point for a gambler, then it’s better to read an official review, before making a final choice.

And even if this “function” is available, there are no guarantees that every, e.g. 5 spins, the player will have a chance to “expand” own win. The only assistant here is personal luck, standing right behind the back.

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