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IGT Slots: Play the Leading World Developer’s Games and enjoy the innovations

IGT slots: the most innovative slots in the gaming history

The International Game Technology company went through quite a replete and exciting history of its formation and development into one of the most powerful and important figures in the gaming industry. Since its creation in 1971, the developer has been focusing its main activity on innovations in the gaming sphere. Later Scientific Games Corporation owned the IGT company leaving its original brand name.

The International Game Technology innovations

IGT paved the way into the gaming words by focusing on creating new and groundbreaking technologies. They became the pioneer in many gaming spheres, especially in casino software.

The number of the IGT innovations that they brought into the world of gambling technologies truly impresses:

  1. the company introduced to the world the first video poker machine;
  2. the IGT provider created and represented to casinos their database driven casino rewards programs; with the help of this software, it became possible for casinos to track their clients easily;
  3. they improved the first version of video poker into the new Players Edge video poker machine;
  4. the company is also known for introducing the first slot machine controlled by the computer;
  5. they became the creators of the concept of progressive jackpot and developed the first progressive jackpot system in the IGT slots;
  6. for the physical slot machine, IGT introduced the bill accepter feature and the EZ Pay ticket system that now every slot has;

The International Game Technology breakthroughs brought the gaming opportunities and comfort to the significantly new level. Such discoveries granted the fascinating instruments to all the casinos both online and offline.

The features of the IGT slots

IGT has successfully started to occupy the iGaming industry since they acquired Wagerworks in 2005. The company Wagerworks started to develop multiple IGT slots for PC and mobile devices. Through years, more and more existing games from the old-school classics to the most sophisticated video slots received their online versions. Your most memorable slot titles surely consist of slots by IGT.

So the online games of the provider possess the following advantages:

  • the company provides casinos with their remote game server to power their slots and make their operation quick, reliable and protected;
  • all the slots are supported by in-house database and security solutions;
  • the slots RTP is always average to high starting from 93%;
  • the company introduces both free IGT slots and real money slots;
  • the games possess all the excellent bonus features such as bonus and free rounds of all styles, wilds and scatters, multipliers and free spins, welcome and no deposit bonuses and many more.

Nearly all games can be played on mobile devices, since they have either the mobile version of the site, or the app. Choose the way you are comfortable with and start your IGT adventure!

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