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Igrosoft slots: The Masterpieces of the Modern Gaming Art

Igrosoft slots: the Russian view for the gaming technologies

The company Igrosoft was created in Moscow, Russia, in 90th. For all the years of its existence, the developer has been focusing on the quality of its products and not the quantity. Thus, the company does not strike you with the endless variety of its slots and games, however, each game created and powered by Igrosoft can be undoubtedly considered as the gaming masterpiece.

The features of the Igrosoft company

The manufacturer’s services include both developing and delivering the technological product to its host and providing the following support, maintenance, repairing and licensing of the products.

The range of the Igrosoft products covers the following three categories:

  1. Boards. The developer creates factual physical gaming platforms for devices, which provide the particular number of preset Igrosoft games and the additional SD cards for storage of extra company’s programs; it also creates the additional accessorizes such as update programmers;
  2. Programs. These are the particular packs of Igrosoft slots for the manufacturer’s boards; the program contains the preset number of games or just one game that then should be installed on the board;
  3. the Internet; this category covers all the iGaming products of the company, which are the Internet versions of the offline games created by Igrosoft.

Since the developer is highly interested in cooperation with owners and other creators of various internet systems that are interested in applying unique games, it strives to succeed in all three spheres and provide the best quality products for its customers.

The features of the Igrosoft slots

Igrosoft games are widely recognized for their wonderful cartoon styled game themes and incredible fascinating characters. All the game products of the developer can be divided in three categories:

  • slot machines that are all themed in their own unique and in some sense loony style; free slots Igrosoft are mostly five-reel with nine paylines, “pick it” bonus games and Wilds, they attract with their simplicity and interesting graphics;
  • arcade games from the simplest ones to more complex ones that offer their players various activities such as attacking, racing, shooting and so on;
  • the multi-game such as Multi Fish, which comprises four games in one batch.

Igrosoft does develop its games with the 3D computer animation, however, most of the games use 2D illustrations for their cartooned themes. All the Igrosoft games have completed RNG certification and proved their fairness and quality. So if you are looking for the good classic slot to spend great time, Igrosoft can become the awesome choise.

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