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Why to play 3 reel slots online? Reasons and benefit

3 reel slots: how to play?

Slots with 3 reels were the first one to appear in both offline and online casinos. Now they’re not very numerous, but still popular among gamblers, especially the ones who like classic games. Let’s find out what are the main features of 3 reel slots and how to find a good casino to try them for free.

3 reel slots main features

This game category has a number of characteristics that are similar in most slots. Here are the main ones:

  1. 3 reel slots mostly have 1, 3 or 5 paylines.
  2. They use classic symbols like bars, coins, sevens, fruits etc.
  3. There are usually no special symbols or bonus rounds in such games.
  4. The volatility is lower than in other games.
  5. If you want to win big money, always bet maximum coin amount.
  6. You can win fixed or progressive jackpot in some games.
  7. The graphics is always as simple as possible.
  8. There is no 3D animation.

Since there are not many bonus slots among 3 reel slots, the best way to win big money is to get a combination of top symbols while using the highest bet or selecting the maximum number of lines.

Where to try free 3 reel slots?

It’s crucial to find a good gambling website to play 3 reel slots free. Here are a few tips to do that:

    • choose only legal casinos that are licensed by industry authorities;
    • make sure there are many games to choose from;
  • you shouldn’t have to register on the website to gamble for free;
  • make sure there is no time limit on playing 3 reel slots;
  • the casino has to accept users from your country;
  • there shouldn’t be any disturbing ads while you gamble.

Online games with 3 reels not only allow you to get big wins, but they’re also fun and entertaining. They use classic symbols and look like good old Vegas slot machines.

How to play?

The gaming process is very simple. The first thing to do is to choose the number of lines, if such option is available. Then set the bet amount. Note that you can receive big wins only when you wager high. At last, just click on “Spin” button and hope for luck. It’ll also be wise to look through general rules and the list of payouts before you start. Also, always bet according to your budget if you want to earn more than you’ve spent on spins, even with demo coins. It’ll help you develop a wagering strategy that will serve you well when you’ll start gambling for real money.

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