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243 Ways Slots: gameplay features and tips for winning

243 Ways Slots is a separate category of gambling devices

243 Ways Slots must have five reels and three rows. In total, a maximum of 243 prize combinations can occur. Unlike conventional slots, slot machines without lines differ in the game process.

  • There are no lines here. The gamblers make a bet for rotation because each cell on the screen participates in the game;
  • To win, it is enough that the same pictures fall within consecutive reels, starting from the first. It doesn’t matter if they will all be in different rows;
  • Otherwise, the game takes place according to the usual rules. There are wild characters, other special characters, bonus games, etc.

Such slot machines are advantageous in that they bring a lot of winnings. It is much easier to assemble a combination where gamblers do not have to arrange pictures in a specific position.

243 Ways Slots: The Distinctive Features

Slots with five reels and three rows of symbols can have no more than 243 combinations of five symbols. Therefore, with 243 ways to win, 100% of these combinations are paid. Moreover:

  • Any slot machine is equipped with 5 reels and 243 pay lines;
  • Denomination of coins varies from 0.01 to 0.05;
  • For one spin, users can bet from 1 to 10 coins;
  • As a rule, the minimum rate is 30 cents, the maximum is $ 15;
  • In the main game, a gamer can get an incredible amount. The maximum win is 1215000 coins;
  • The expected payout percentage of the machine is 96.63 percent;
  • These slots have average volatility of 5.73 out of 20. This indicates an excellent chance of winning.

243 Ways Slots have attractive features and bright design. The presence of special characters, the main game, multipliers, and the bonus round are harmoniously complemented by fascinating animation, a convenient interface, and a beautiful design. Thanks to an impressive 243 ways of forming combinations, players have the chance to get a great win online.

The Working Algorithm

In 243 Ways Slots, players rely on spinning rather than on individual pay lines. Thus, all payment methods are always on.

  • Three matching symbols (or two corresponding symbols plus the Wild game) on a paid way;
  • Symbols should appear on the same payment, on consecutive reels;
  • The first symbol should appear on the very left reel;
  • The win depends on the number of coins and the size of the coin on which the players have made a bet.

The math behind this algorithm is incredibly complex, but the simple result is that there are now 243 ways to create a winning combination.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 243 Devices

Users no longer need to think about pay lines going from left to right across the screen with five reels and three rows. In slots 243 methods, any combination of three or more matching symbols can be advantageous if they appear anywhere within the adjacent reel, starting from the first and going from left to right. Key benefits include:

  • The simplest plus for the player is that there are now many more ways to win;
  • Players will also benefit from their bet more. Conventional slot machines require that players bet at least one coin on each winning line. But this is not here, because the calculation of the bet goes without reference to the lines and their number;
  • Another advantage is that it becomes easier for the player to see when he should receive the payout. If a match from left to right is a win, gamblers no longer have to worry about the possibility that some of the pay lines may not be taken into account.

However, there is an initial flaw for experienced slot players. Getting used to the new way of reading from the screen will surely take time.

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