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10-Reel Slots: the concept and gameplay in details

10-Reel Slots main features

10-Reel Slots are really rear casino games. Even top developers like NetEnt, IGT or Evoplay have only a few ones among their products. Though, it all makes them even more interesting for gamblers. Let’s find out how to play such games and what prizes you can win.

10-Reel Slots main characteristics

Ten reels seem to be too much for one game, but there are no actually ten of them together. There are two sections with 5 columns instead. They may be equal or one may depend from another. So, there won’t be 10-symbol combinations, only 2 combinations with 5 images. The two sections may be interconnected by the same topic, some special image or feature. It also means that volatility won’t be incredibly high, just a standard one for every 5-column game field.

Let’s now find out what characteristics do good 10-Reel Slots have. Here are the main features:

  1. Every section has to offer valuable symbols with high payouts.
  2. There should be many special symbols and features.
  3. The game has to offer bonus rounds and free spins with win multipliers.
  4. It’s great when 10-Reel Slots have jackpot.
  5. The Return to Player ratio has to be high.

The main reason to play games with 10 reels is the amount of winning opportunities they offer. 10-Reel Slots have two different sections, which can both deliver high return on every bet, rounds with free spins, special symbols, features and bonuses.

There is one more crucial thing to mention. You might wonder how to bet in such games. Actually, for 10-Reel Slots it works in the way you’ll wager in any other slot machine. Every section has a certain number of lines and you just choose how much of them to select in total. The wins are granted according to the combinations and bonuses on each field separately and then they’re summed up and transferred to your balance.

Where to play 10-Reel Slots?

Games with 10 spinning reels is a rare thing, so the best thing to find one is too look through the list of slots a certain developer offers and then find out what gambling website has them in its library. The casino should also meet such criteria:

  • it should be legal and have all the licenses required;
  • fair play and responsible gaming support is a must;
  • you should have a chance to try games for free in demo;
  • their software has to be optimized for various platforms;
  • the support service should be able to help you with any issues.

10-Reel Slots are really fun and entertaining. They offer you big wins and interesting game setting, together with lucrative bonuses and special features. Just follow the mentioned tips to choose a good one and you’ll definitely have an incredible gaming experience.

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